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SubjectRe: [syzbot] WARNING in p9_client_destroy
Vlastimil Babka wrote on Mon, Jul 25, 2022 at 12:15:24PM +0200:
> On 7/24/22 15:17, syzbot wrote:
> > syzbot has bisected this issue to:
> >
> > commit 7302e91f39a81a9c2efcf4bc5749d18128366945
> > Author: Marco Elver <>
> > Date: Fri Jan 14 22:03:58 2022 +0000
> >
> > mm/slab_common: use WARN() if cache still has objects on destroy
> Just to state the obvious, bisection pointed to a commit that added the
> warning, but the reason for the warning would be that p9 is destroying a
> kmem_cache without freeing all the objects there first, and that would be
> true even before the commit.

Probably true from the moment that cache/idr was introduced... I've got
a couple of fixes in next but given syzcaller claims that's the tree it
was produced on I guess there can be more such leaks.
(well, the lines it sent in the backtrace yesterday don't match next,
but I wouldn't count on it)

If someone wants to have a look please feel free, I would bet the
problem is just that p9_fd_close() doesn't call or does something
equivalent to p9_conn_cancel() and there just are some requests that
haven't been sent yet when the mount is closed..
But I don't have/can/want to take the time to check right now as I
consider such a leak harmless enough, someone has to be root or
equivalent to do 9p mounts in most cases.


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