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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/7] MediaTek Helio X10 MT6795 - Clock drivers
Il 21/07/22 18:38, Krzysztof Kozlowski ha scritto:
> On 21/07/2022 10:53, AngeloGioacchino Del Regno wrote:
>> Il 29/06/22 13:02, AngeloGioacchino Del Regno ha scritto:
>>> In an effort to give some love to the apparently forgotten MT6795 SoC,
>>> I am upstreaming more components that are necessary to support platforms
>>> powered by this one apart from a simple boot to serial console.
>>> This (very big) series introduces system clock, multimedia clock drivers
>>> (including resets) for this SoC.
>>> Tested on a MT6795 Sony Xperia M5 (codename "Holly") smartphone.
>>> This series depends on, and can be merged on top of:
>>> [1]:
>>> [2]:
>> Gentle ping for this series...
>> ...I've got a lot of commits to send that depend on this one...
>> P.S.: The dependencies in [1] and [2] are already upstream.
> You sent this message to Rob (not to others) and you did not mention
> whom are you pinging. Rob provided all necessary tags for you.
> If you want to ping someone, put proper names in "To" but best - mention
> by name.
> Best regards,
> Krzysztof

Right. The ping wasn't for Rob, as he reviewed/acked all of the dt-bindings
patches in this series.

Next time I'll be more specific - thanks for that.


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