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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8] ath9k: let sleep be interrupted when unregistering hwrng
On 11/07/22 13:53, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> Hi Valentin,
> On 7/11/22, Valentin Schneider <> wrote:
>> Thanks for the Cc.
>> I'm not hot on the export of wake_up_state(), IMO any wakeup with
>> !(state & TASK_NORMAL) should be reserved to kernel internals. Now, here
>> IIUC the problem is that the patch uses an inline invoking
>> wake_up_state(p, TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE)
>> so this isn't playing with any 'exotic' task state, thus it shouldn't
>> actually need the export.
>> I've been trying to figure out if this could work with just a
>> wake_up_process(), but the sleeping pattern here is not very conforming
>> (cf. 'wait loop' pattern in sched/core.c), AFAICT the signal is used to
>> circumvent that :/
> I don't intend to work on this patch more. If you'd like to ack the
> trivial scheduler change (adding EXPORT_SYMBOL), that'd help, and then
> this can move forward as planned. Otherwise, if you have particular
> opinions about this patch that you want to happen, feel free to pick
> up the patch and send your own revisions (though I don't intend to do
> further review). Alternatively, I'll just send a patch to remove the
> driver entirely. Hopefully you do find this ack-able, though.

I'm not for a blanket wake_up_state() export, however if we *really* need
it then I suppose we could have a wake_up_process_interruptible() exported
and used by __set_notify_signal().

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