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SubjectRe: Unstable tsc caused soft lockup in kdump kernel
On 29/06/2022 07:25, Baoquan He wrote:
> Hi,
> On a HP machine, after crash triggered via sysrq-c, kdump kernel will
> boot and get soft lockup as below. And this can be always reproduced.
> From log, it seems that unreliable tsc was marked as unstable in
> clocksource_watchdog, then worker sched_clock_work was scheduled. And
> this tsc unstable marking always happened after sysrq-c is triggered.
> And the cpu where worker smp_call_function_many_cond is running won't
> be stopped and hang there and keep locks, even though the cpu should be
> stopped. While kdump kernel is running in a different cpu and boot, then
> soft lockup happened because other workers or the relevant threads are
> waiting for locks taken by the hang sched_clock_work worker.
> Any idea or suggestion?
> The normal kernel boot log and kdump kernel log, kernel config, are all
> attached, please check.

Hi Baoquan, interesting issue! Do you happen to have a full kdump boot
log with the issue? Maybe collected through serial console, etc.
It seems the one attached is from a succeeding kdump by passing
"tsc=unstable" to the kdump kernel right?

Also, did you try to "forbid" tsc to get marked as unstable in the first
kernel, before kdump? I mean like a hack code change, just prevent
kernel doing that and seeing if it works. If that still fails, then it
seems the cause of the issue is the same as the cause of TSC getting
unstable - in other words, something would be causing both the kdump
kernel lockup AND the TSC unstable marking in the first kernel...


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