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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/14] dt-bindings: arm: freescale: Switch fsl,scu from txt to yaml
On 30/06/2022 14:13, Viorel Suman (OSS) wrote:
> On 22-06-29 19:51:06, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
>> On 29/06/2022 18:44, Viorel Suman (OSS) wrote:
>>> From: Viorel Suman <>
>>> Changes since v5:
>>> * Updated according to Krzysztof Kozlowski comments
>> My comment a about removal of each part of TXT bindings in each patch,
>> was not addressed. Your approach makes it more difficult to read patches
>> and makes sense only if each subsystem maintainer will take the patches
>> (separately). If the patches are going through one tree, then better to
>> remove the TXT gradually.
>> So the question - who is going to take each of the patches?
> Hi Krzysztof,
> I just understood the context of your comment, will do it in the next version.
> Assuming TXT is removed from aggregating TXT - fsl,scu.txt - gradually, do you expect the
> removed to be added into the aggregating YAML - fsl,scu.yaml - also gradually within the
> same patch ?

Each patch making the conversion should remove the piece being
converted. Then finally the patch adding fsl,scu.yaml should remove the
last pieces (remaining ones).

Best regards,

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