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Subject[PATCH v6] input/i8042: Rework quirk tables
Revision 6 fixes some spelling mistakes and a copy and past error causing
two .drive_data fields missing.

The 1st patch is minor housekeeping.

The 2nd patch merges the tables together. Minor fixes in 5th revision and
no more duplication of ASUS devices

The 3rd patch add optional debug output to see which quirks get applied. In
5th revision this no longer breaks compilation on non x86 platforms.

The 4th patch adds a list of Clevo devices that need multiple quirks.
With the reworked table they don't need to be inserted multiple times now,
which was required in v1 and v2 of this patch.

I also included the extra quirk for the Clevo NS7xMU, which was a separate
patch before.

The added Clevo devices are now only identified by their board name as this
is the only somewhat reliable string that might not be changed by resellers.

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