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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 0/4] Rewrite jevents program in python
On 27/06/2022 03:57, Ian Rogers wrote:
> A challenge with this code is in avoiding regressions. For this reason
> the produces identical output to jevents.c, validated with a
> test script and build target.
> v6. Adds Tested-by from Zhengjun Xing<>
> and Thomas Richter<>. Fixes issues spotted
> by Jiri Olsa<>, jsmn.c wasn't deleted and the
> empty pmu-events.c didn't pass the pmu-events test. It also adds a
> missing mkdir which is necessary before creating pmu-events.c and
> tweaks the quiet display code in the empty case to display a gen.
> v5. Adds a 2>/dev/null as suggested by David Laight

Hmmm... shouldn't this be v7? Anyway what I got with message-id now seems to build and the
output looks ok.


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