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SubjectRe: fscache corruption in Linux 5.17?
On 31.05.22 11:13, David Howells wrote:
> Max Kellermann <> wrote:
>>> Can I put that down as a Tested-by?
>> Yes. A month later, still no new corruption.
> Thanks!

David, is the patch from this thread ("fscache: Fix invalidation/lookup
race" -- )
heading toward mainline any time soon? This is a tracked regression and
it looked to me like there hasn't been any progress in the last two weeks.

Ciao, Thorsten (wearing his 'the Linux kernel's regression tracker' hat)

P.S.: As the Linux kernel's regression tracker I deal with a lot of
reports and sometimes miss something important when writing mails like
this. If that's the case here, don't hesitate to tell me in a public
reply, it's in everyone's interest to set the public record straight.

#regzbot poke

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