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SubjectRe: [RFC v2 4/4] arm64: dts: rockchip: Add mt7531 dsa node to BPI-R2-Pro board
Am 5. Mai 2022 10:46:55 MESZ schrieb Krzysztof Kozlowski <>:
>On 04/05/2022 17:47, Vladimir Oltean wrote:
>>> current device-tree nodes using "switch" and "ports"
>>> see discussioon here about make it fixed to "ports" property instead
>of PatternProperties including optional "ethernet-"
>> Hmm, I don't get why Krzysztof said to just keep what is used in
>> existing device trees. The schema validator should describe what is
>> valid,
>These were talks about bindings which describe hardware. The node name,
>except Devicetree spec asking for generic names, does not matter here
>> and since the mt7530 driver does not care one way or another
>> (some drivers do explicitly parse the "ports"/"ethernet-ports" node),
>> then whatever is valid for the DSA core is also valid for the mt7530
>> bindings. And "ethernet-ports" is valid too, so I think it should be
>> accepted by mediatek.yaml...
>You can make it "(ethernet-)?ports" as well. My comment was purely to
>make it simpler, for bindings (goes into properties, not
>patternProperties) and for us. If you prefer to keep it like DSA core,
>also fine.

Ok, i'm also thinking, the dsa-definition will be the right way (pattern-properties with optional "ethernet-") in binding.

Should i use "ethernet-ports" instead of "ports" here? Current dts with mt7530/mt7531 switches using "ports" so i would use it here too. If dsa prefer ethernet-ports now it should be changed in other files too.

>Best regards,

regards Frank

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