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SubjectRe: Linux 5.18-rc5
On Sun, May 01, 2022 at 02:13:49PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> So if rc4 last week was tiny and smaller than usual, it seems to have
> been partly timing, and rc5 is now a bit larger than usual.
> But only a very tiny bit larger - certainly not outrageously so, and
> not something that worries me (admittedly partly because of that small
> rc4: it doesn't feel like we're having any more issues than usual,
> it's just that the work ended up shifting a bit to this past week).
> The diffstat looks normal too, although with an odd bump for the n_gsm
> tty ldisc code. I could have sworn that thing was legacy and nobody
> used it, but apparently I would have been very wrong about that.
> That small oddity aside, nothing surprising in here, with about half
> the patch being drivers (mainly networking, gpu, pincontrol, clk, usb,
> and that tty gsm thing), with the rest being the usual suspects:
> architecture fixes (kvm, some arm dts files), core networking, tools
> (both objtool and perf) and some documentation fixes. Add in a few
> random things, and you have rc5.
> The shortlog is appended for people who want to see the details, but
> it honestly doesn't look very interesting.
> But "interesting" isn't what we're going for - we're past the halfway
> mark in the release, and "boring" is very much what we want.
> Please do test, and hopefully we don't have some silly brown-paper bug
> like the no-mmu breakage in rc4.

Build results:
total: 151 pass: 151 fail: 0
Qemu test results:
total: 489 pass: 489 fail: 0

We still have

WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1 at fs/sysfs/group.c:115 internal_create_group+0x360/0x394

for parisc nosmp boot tests, but that is fixed in -next and not really


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