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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] hwmon: (tmp401) Add of_match_table
On 5/2/22 02:19, Camel Guo wrote:
> When tmp401 is built as kernel module, it won't be automatically loaded
> even through there is a device node in the devicetree. e.g:
> i2c {
> #address-cells = <1>;
> #size-cells = <0>;
> sensor@4c {
> compatible = "ti,tmp401";
> reg = <0x4c>;
> };
> };
> In order to make sure it is loaded automatically, this commit adds
> of_match_table for tmp401.

As mentioned before, historically i2c devices would instantiate based
on the i2c match table. You are claiming that this is no longer the case.
The above is no evidence; that would require a log output on an affected
system showing that the sensors are not or no longer longer instantiated.

I am not absolutely opposed to adding the nodes, but the explanation
needs to match reality. If you can not provide evidence from an actual
boot log, I'll have to implement a tmp401 device model in qemu and test
myself. That will take a while.


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