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Subject[REGRESSION] lxc-stop hang on 5.17.x kernels
I use lxc-4.0.12 on Gentoo, built with io-uring support 
(--enable-liburing), targeting liburing-2.1.  My kernel config is a very
lightly modified version of Fedora's generic kernel config. After moving
from the 5.16.x series to the 5.17.x kernel series, I started noticed
frequent hangs in lxc-stop.  It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but
definitely more than 50% of the time.  Bisecting narrowed down the issue
to commit aa43477b040251f451db0d844073ac00a8ab66ee: io_uring: poll
rework. Testing indicates the problem is still present in 5.18-rc5.
Unfortunately I do not have the expertise with the codebases of either
lxc or io-uring to try to debug the problem further on my own, but I can
easily apply patches to any of the involved components (lxc, liburing,
kernel) and rebuild for testing or validation.  I am also happy to
provide any further information that would be helpful with reproducing
or debugging the problem.


Daniel Harding

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