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SubjectRe: [PATCH AUTOSEL 13/14] mm/thp: ClearPageDoubleMap in first page_add_file_rmap()

> > I've chosen to answer to this patch of my 3 in your 14 AUTOSELs,
> > because this one is just an improvement, not at all a bugfix needed
> > for stable (maybe AUTOSEL noticed "racy" or "safely" in the comments,
> > and misunderstood). The "Fixes" was intended to help any humans who
> > wanted to backport into their trees.
> This all was off of the Fixes: tag. Again, if these commits fix
> something why are they not for stable? I'm a human asking to backport
> these into the stable trees based on that :)

I see this as a repeated pattern: People add Fixes: tag for trivial
things that should not really go to stable (typo in comment?) and
stable takes it is a serious bug that needs to be fixed in stable.

Best regards,

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