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    SubjectRe: [v5 00/14] Add support for Bosch BNO055 IMU
    Il giorno lun 2 mag 2022 alle ore 09:48 Andy Shevchenko
    <> ha scritto:

    [ .. ]

    > > BTW I have also gone through some kernel-robot reports; they also
    > > state "If you fix the issue, kindly add following tag as appropriate
    > > Reported-by: kernel test robot <>". I'd say that it would
    > > be OK to add this tag to a patch that just fixes what is reported, but
    > > I'm unsure whether it is appropriate to add this tag to the patches in
    > > my series, because they add the code and the fix at once. Any advice
    > > here?
    > For this we specifically amended the kernel documentation recently.
    > "The tag is intended for bugs; please do not use it to credit feature requests."

    Well, no any feature request to credit here; a bug and its fix are
    involved. Sounds more like a "yes" so far.. But it wouldn't be clear
    what the robot did report indeed (squashed bugs and fixes).. Maybe a
    "thank" in the cover letter also to it would suffice?

    > --
    > With Best Regards,
    > Andy Shevchenko

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