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Subjectirqdomain API: how to set affinity of parent irq of chained irqs?
Dear Marc, Thomas,

we have encountered the following problem that can hopefully be put
some light onto: What is the intended way to set affinity (and possibly
other irq attributes) of parent IRQ of chained IRQs, when using the
irqdomain API?

We are working on a driver that
- registers an irqchip and adds an irqdomain
- calls irq_set_chained_handler_and_data(parent_irq, handler)
where handler triggers handling of child IRQs
- but since parent_irq isn't requested for with request_thread_irq(),
it does not show up in proc/sysfs, only in debugfs
- the HW does not support setting affinity for the chained IRQs, only
the parent (which comes from a GIC chip)

The problem is that he parent IRQ, as mentioned in the third point, does
not show up in proc/sysfs.

Is there some precedent for this?

Thank you.


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