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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] mm/damon/sysfs: support fixed virtual address ranges monitoring

On 5/3/22 12:18 AM, SeongJae Park wrote:
> Hi Rongwei,
> On Mon, 2 May 2022 15:56:58 +0800 Rongwei Wang <> wrote:
>> Hi, SeongJae
>> I had read and tested your patchset these days. It works.
> Thank you for the tests! :D
>> It seems that these patches only fix the issue about init_regions in
>> DAMON-sysfs, but not fix in DAMON-dbgfs? maybe I missing something.
>> If so, do you have any plan to fix this bug in dbgfs? Actually, what I
>> want to say is that I ready a patch for solving the init_regions related
>> bug in dbgfs these days. I not sure if you're interested in it.
> The plan is to freeze DAMON debugfs interface after DAMON sysfs interface is
> merged, and then entirely remove it after next LTS kernel. It was mentioned in
> the sysfs interface patchset as below:
> Future Plan of DAMON_DBGFS Deprecation
> ======================================
> Once this patchset is merged, DAMON_DBGFS development will be frozen. That is,
> we will maintain it to work as is now so that no users will be break. But, it
> will not be extended to provide any new feature of DAMON. The support will be
> continued only until next LTS release. After that, we will drop DAMON_DBGFS.
> The plan was also shared in the kernel doc as below[1], but maybe it was too
> small to read, or ambiguous. Sorry if it was the case.
> debugfs interface. This is almost identical to sysfs interface. This will
> be _removed_ after next LTS kernel is released, so users should move to the
> sysfs interface.
Hi, SeongJae

Thanks, for telling me the doc!
It seems that I have to update my datop. New sysfs interface has changed
too much.

Anyway, Thanks! :)

> [1]
> So, I don't have a big interest at extending DAMON debugfs for fvaddr. That
> said, of course we could discuss more if you really need it. If so, please let
> me know.
> Thanks,
> SJ
>> Best Regards,
>> Rongwei

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