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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 09/23] ata: libahci_platform: Sanity check the DT child nodes number
On 5/12/22 2:17 AM, Serge Semin wrote:

> Having greater than (AHCI_MAX_PORTS = 32) ports detected isn't that

Having greater than AHCI_MAX_PORTS (32) ports detected?

> critical from the further AHCI-platform initialization point of view since
> exceeding the ports upper limit will cause allocating more resources than
> will be used afterwards. But detecting too many child DT-nodes doesn't
> seem right since it's very unlikely to have it on an ordinary platform. In
> accordance with the AHCI specification there can't be more than 32 ports
> implemented at least due to having the CAP.NP field of 4 bits wide and the

It's 5 bits wide, actually...

> PI register of dword size. Thus if such situation is found the DTB must
> have been corrupted and the data read from it shouldn't be reliable. Let's
> consider that as an erroneous situation and halt further resources
> allocation.
> Note it's logically more correct to have the nports set only after the
> initialization value is checked for being sane. So while at it let's make
> sure nports is assigned with a correct value.
> Signed-off-by: Serge Semin <>


MBR, Sergey

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