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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/7] hwmon: (nct6775) Convert to regmap, add i2c support
On 5/1/22 08:18, Oleksandr Natalenko wrote:
> Hello.
> On středa 27. dubna 2022 15:37:07 CEST Guenter Roeck wrote:
>> On 4/26/22 18:01, Zev Weiss wrote:
>>> This is v4 of my effort to add i2c support to the nct6775 hwmon
>>> driver.
>> Thanks a lot for your effort.
>> I applied patches 2..6 to hwmon-next. The first and the last
>> patch of the series will have to wait for DT maintainer approval.
> Zev, sorry I'm late. I've just tested what went into hwmon-next (patches 2..6), and it didn't affect `sensors` output for me, so I guess this confirms what you asked me to do ("I don't have access to any asuswmi hardware, so testing of the nct6775-platform driver on that to ensure it doesn't break there would be appreciated (Oleksandr, perhaps?).").
> Guenter, if it's not too late, please consider this as Tested-by: from me on this part of the submission.

You'll have to provide a formal Tested-by: tag.


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