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SubjectRe: Changes in kernel 5.18-rc1 leads to crashes in VirtualBox Virtual Machines
On 5/1/22 12:47, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> Thanks for the report. Several questions:
> 1) Can you reproduce with 5.18-rc4?
> 2) Can you send me a stacktrace from the crash or any relevant console
> output?
> 3) Does the crash happen in the guest or the host?
> Question two is very important.


1. Yes, the problem happens with 5.18-rc4 and -rc5.

3. The crash is in the guest. Nothing unusual is logged in the host.

2. My answer here will be incomplete. There are no stacktraces or console ouput
on the host from any of the guest crashes, either in dmesg or under journalctl.
The desktop just disappears. The VirtualBox log files show nothing for the Linux
guest, and the following for the Windows instance:

00:00:57.908011 GUI: UIMachineLogicNormal::sltCheckForRequestedVisualStateType:
Requested-state=0, Machine-state=5
00:01:24.502961 GIM: HyperV: Guest indicates a fatal condition! P0=0x1e
P1=0xffffffffc0000005 P2=0xfffff8054c61e97c P3=0x0 P4=0x28
00:01:24.503053 GIMHv: BugCheck 1e {ffffffffc0000005, fffff8054c61e97c, 0, 28}
00:01:24.503054 P1: ffffffffc0000005 - exception code - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
00:01:24.503054 P2: fffff8054c61e97c - EIP/RIP
00:01:24.503054 P3: 0000000000000000 - Xcpt param #0
00:01:24.503054 P4: 0000000000000028 - Xcpt param #1

Running a 3rd party dump analyzer shows that the crash happens at
ntoskrnl.exe+3f7d50. I have installed the Windows debugger, but I think the
learning curve will be steep. At this point, I have no further info available.



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