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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] sh: avoid using IRQ0 on SH3/4
    On 5/1/22 8:58 PM, Sergey Shtylyov wrote:
    >>>> Using IRQ0 by the platform devices is going to be disallowed soon (see [1])
    >>>> and even now, when IRQ0 is about to be returned by platfrom_get_irq(), you
    >>>> see a big warning. The code supporting SH3/4 SoCs maps the IRQ #s starting
    >>>> at 0 -- modify that code to start the IRQ #s from 16 instead.
    >>>> The patch should mostly affect the AP-SH4A-3A/AP-SH4AD-0A boards as they
    >>>> indeed use IRQ0 for the SMSC911x compatible Ethernet chip...
    >>> Maybe try getting it landed through Andrew Morton's tree?
    >> Hi. I'm alive and looking at it. If it needs to go in for this cycle I
    >> will send a pull request for just this and anything else critical. Was
    > Well, now using IRQ0 just causes a WARNing in platform_get_irq() -- I don't
    > think fixing it is critical enough. Starting from 5.19-rc1 the SMSC91xx driver
    > should stop working on the mentioned boards.
    > But let me look at the SMSC driver itself, I haven't done this yet...

    Looks like these boards were borked back in 2015 by this commit:

    It stopped accepting IRQ0 for no apparent reason. :-/


    >> Rich

    MBR, Sergey

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