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SubjectFwd: Request: Regarding the phasing out of "a.out support" in Linux Kernels
 Forwarding To Relevant People.
(Have been unable to respond to previous talks, many apologies for
the late input.)

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Date: Apr 9, 2022
Subject: Request: Regarding the phasing out of "a.out support" in Linux Kernels

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Cc: <>, <>, <>

Noticed in the previous conversations that it was mentioned nobody had
complained of it being removed, I do understand that everything must
be taken out eventually...

But I still wanted to ask that it remain active in 5.18's full release
while announced that it would be inactive/turned off by default in the
future 5.19 & 5.20 releases (5.20 being the last that would have it as
inactive before full removal of related code) if LTS

I feel that would be considered a fair & reasonable 'heads up' and
provide a modern LTS version of the kernel that has the function still
available by default.
This is just a simple request from an interested user of Linux that
wouldn't be as qualified or experienced as some of the others involved
in the decision making process & I always would of-course respect
whatever final decision that everyone lands on after the discussions
are closed. :3

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