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SubjectRe: [REQUEST DISCUSS]: speed up SCSI error handle for host with massive devices
On 2022/4/4 13:28, Hannes Reinecke wrote:
> On 4/3/22 19:17, Mike Christie wrote:
>> On 4/3/22 12:14 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
>>> We could share code with scsi_ioctl_reset as well. Drivers that support
>>> TMFs via that ioctl already expect queuecommand to be possibly in the
>>> middle of a run and IO not yet timed out. For example, the code to
>>> block a queue and reset the device could be used for the new EH and
>>> SG_SCSI_RESET_DEVICE handling.
>> Hannes or others,
>> How do parallel SCSI drivers support scsi_ioctl_reset? Is is not fully
>> supported and more only used for controlled testing?
> That's actually a problem in scsi_ioctl_reset(); it really should wait for all I/O to quiesce. Currently it just sets the 'tmf' flag and calls into the various reset functions.
> But really, I'd rather get my EH rework in before we're start discussing modifying EH behaviour.
> Let me repost it ...

Would you take fast EH(such as single LUN reset) into consideration, maybe
a second but lightweight EH? It means a lot.

Or give a way drivers can branch out the general timeout and EH handle logic?

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