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SubjectRe: [PATCH] remoteproc: mtk_scp: Fix a potential double free
Il 03/04/22 12:25, Christophe JAILLET ha scritto:
> 'scp->rproc' is allocated using devm_rproc_alloc(), so there is no need
> to free it explicitly in the remove function.
> Fixes: c1407ac1099a ("remoteproc: mtk_scp: Use devm variant of rproc_alloc()")

Hello Cristophe,
thanks for the patch!

I agree with what you're doing here, but you forgot to add your Signed-off-by.
Please resend it with your signoff, then I will give you my R-b.
Also, please make sure to add me to the Ccs so that I can see your v2 sooner!


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