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Subject[PATCH v4 0/6] Make evlist CPUs more accurate
Based on the thread:

First patch is a cherry-pick to avoid a conflict of:
Second patch makes all_cpus more accurate when there are command line CPUs.
The third patch fixes perf stat metric-only output for uncore metrics.
The fourth patch makes cleans up merging of dummy CPU maps.
The fifth and sixth patch try to make user_requested_cpus and all_cpus
clearer with documentation and by renaming all_cpus.

The code no longer needs to add an intersect function and so the API
is removed and the merged API left unchangaged.

Ian Rogers (6):
perf cpumap: Switch to using perf_cpu_map API
perf evlist: Clear all_cpus before propagating
perf stat: Avoid printing cpus with no counters
perf cpumap: Handle dummy maps as empty in subset
perf evlist: Add to user_requested_cpus documentation
perf evlist: Rename all_cpus

tools/lib/perf/cpumap.c | 4 +--
tools/lib/perf/evlist.c | 14 ++++++----
tools/lib/perf/include/internal/evlist.h | 5 ++--
tools/perf/builtin-record.c | 13 +++++----
tools/perf/tests/cpumap.c | 10 ++++++-
tools/perf/util/bpf_counter_cgroup.c | 35 ++++++++++++------------
tools/perf/util/evlist.c | 6 ++--
tools/perf/util/evlist.h | 4 +--
tools/perf/util/stat-display.c | 7 +++--
9 files changed, 56 insertions(+), 42 deletions(-)


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