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SubjectRe: UML time-travel warning from __run_timers
On Sat, Apr 02 2022 at 16:09, Johannes Berg wrote:
> At init, we get
> init_timer_cpu(0) base 0 clk=0xffff8ad0, next_expiry=0x13fff8acf
> init_timer_cpu(0) base 1 clk=0xffff8ad0, next_expiry=0x13fff8acf
> which makes sense, jiffies is set up to wrap very quickly after boot.
> The warning triggers when we have jiffies=0x13fff9600, so it's just
> after the "next_expiry", so in this code:

which does not make sense. If next_expiry is 0x13fff8acf and jiffies
advanced to 0x13fff9600 when the warning triggered, then either it
missed to expire the timer at 0x13fff8acf or it failed to recalculate

Could you enable all [hr]timer tracepoints on the kernel command line,
set panic on warn and ftrace_dump_on_oops which should spill out the
tracebuffer on the console and provide the output. That should at least
give us an hint what's going on.



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