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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/18] Support SDEI Virtualization
On 4/3/22 11:38 PM, Gavin Shan wrote:
> This series intends to virtualize Software Delegated Exception Interface
> (SDEI), which is defined by DEN0054C (v1.1). It allows the hypervisor to
> deliver NMI-alike SDEI event to guest and it's needed by Async PF to
> deliver page-not-present notification from hypervisor to guest. The code
> and the required qemu changes can be found from:
> ("kvm/arm64_sdei")
> ("kvm/arm64_sdei")
> The design is quite strightforward by following the specification. The
> (SDEI) events are classified into the shared and private ones according
> to their scope. The shared event is system or VM scoped, but the private
> event is vcpu scoped. This implementation doesn't support the shared
> event because all the needed events are private. Besides, the migration
> isn't supported by implementation and it's something to be supported
> in future.
> There are several objects (data structures) introduced to help on the
> event registration, enablement, disablement, unregistration, reset,
> delivery and handling.
> * kvm_sdei_exposed_event
> The event which are defined and exposed by KVM. The event can't
> be registered until it's exposed. Besides, all the information
> in this event can't be changed after it's exposed.
> * kvm_sdei_event
> The events are created based on the exposed events. Their states
> are changed when hypercalls are received or they are delivered
> to guest for handling.
> * kvm_sdei_vcpu_context
> The vcpu context helps to handle events. The interrupted context
> is saved before the event handler is executed, and restored after
> the event handler is to finish.
> * kvm_sdei_vcpu
> Place holder for all objects for one particular VCPU.
> The patches are organized as below:
> PATCH[01-02] Preparatory work to extend smccc_get_argx() and refactor
> hypercall routing mechanism
> PATCH[03] Adds SDEI virtualization infrastructure
> PATCH[04-16] Supports various SDEI hypercalls and event handling
> PATCH[17] Exposes SDEI capability
> PATCH[18] Adds SDEI selftest case
> The previous revisions can be found:
> v5:
> v4:
> v3:
> v2:
> v1:

I'm explicitly copying Oliver, James, Mark and Shannon to avoid resending this series.
It seems they have been skipped even I explicitly copied them by 'git send-email --cc=<email-addr>'.



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