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SubjectRe: [PATCH] FDDI: defxx: simplify if-if to if-else
On Mon, 25 Apr 2022, Andrew Lunn wrote:

> > NAK. The first conditional optionally sets `bp->mmio = false', which
> > changes the value of `dfx_use_mmio' in some configurations:
> >
> > #if defined(CONFIG_EISA) || defined(CONFIG_PCI)
> > #define dfx_use_mmio bp->mmio
> > #else
> > #define dfx_use_mmio true
> > #endif
> Which is just asking for trouble like this.
> Could i suggest dfx_use_mmio is changed to DFX_USE_MMIO to give a hint
> something horrible is going on.

There's legacy behind it, `dfx_use_mmio' used to be a proper variable and
references were retained not to obfuscate the changes that ultimately led
to the current arrangement. I guess at this stage it could be changed to
a function-like macro or a static inline function taking `bp' as the

> It probably won't stop the robots finding this if (x) if (!x), but
> there is a chance the robot drivers will wonder why it is upper case.

Well, blindly relying on automation is bound to cause trouble. There has
to be a piece of intelligence signing the results off at the end.

And there's nothing wrong with if (x) if (!x) in the first place; any
sane compiler will produce reasonable output from it. Don't fix what
ain't broke! And watch out for volatiles!


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