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SubjectRe: [PATCH V4 0/7] iio: adc: sc27xx: adjust structure and add PMIC's support
On Tue, 19 Apr 2022 22:24:51 +0800
Cixi Geng <> wrote:

> From: Cixi Geng <>
> this patchset add a sc27xx_adc_variant_data structure
> and add sc272*,sc273* and ump9620 PMIC support.

Series applied with the minor tweaks I've called out in replies
to individual patches.

Applied to the togreg branch of iio.git and pushed out as testing
for 0-day to see if it can find anything we missed.



> v2 changes:
> fix dt_binding_check error
> adjust some code-style issue
> optimize the copy-paste functions
> the smatch warnings found by lkp
> and ohter comments by v1 patches.
> v3 changes:
> fix nvmem-cells Items value and add ump9620 dt sample
> add the correct signature for each patch
> fix the unused warning in 3/7, add explain for set the scales
> remove duplicate code,add goto label in sc27xx_adc_read
> pull out the refactor code into a single patch
> delete the suspend and resume pm for ump9620
> v4 changes:
> Add fix tag in the 2/7 patch.
> Separate modification and refactoring 3/7(v3) to 2 pathes.
> remove the pmic_type struct instead of a boot set_volref
> to define the specific feathure.
> use switch statement in all scale_init functions.
> remove ump9620 pmic support in this patchset, submit separately
> in the next patches.
> Cixi Geng (7):
> dt-bindings:iio:adc: add sprd,ump9620-adc dt-binding
> iio: adc: sc27xx: fix read big scale voltage not right
> iio: adc: Fine tune the scale calibration values
> iio: adc: sc27xx: structure adjustment and optimization
> iio: adc: refactor some functions for support more PMiCs
> iio: adc: sc27xx: add support for PMIC sc2720 and sc2721
> iio: adc: sc27xx: add support for PMIC sc2730
> .../bindings/iio/adc/sprd,sc2720-adc.yaml | 59 ++-
> drivers/iio/adc/sc27xx_adc.c | 473 ++++++++++++++++--
> 2 files changed, 491 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)

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