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Subject[PATCH v4 0/5] virtio-crypto: Improve performance
Hi, Lei
I'd like to move helper and callback functions(Eg, virtcrypto_clear_request
and virtcrypto_ctrlq_callback) from xx_core.c to xx_common.c,
then the xx_core.c supports:
- probe/remove/irq affinity seting for a virtio device
- basic virtio related operations

xx_common.c supports:
- common helpers/functions for algos

Do you have any suggestion about this?

v3 -> v4:
- Don't create new file virtio_common.c, the new functions are added
into virtio_crypto_core.c
- Split the first patch into two parts:
1, change code style,
2, use private buffer instead of shared buffer
- Remove relevant change.
- Other minor changes.

v2 -> v3:
- Jason suggested that spliting the first patch into two part:
1, using private buffer
2, remove the busy polling
Rework as Jason's suggestion, this makes the smaller change in
each one and clear.

v1 -> v2:
- Use kfree instead of kfree_sensitive for insensitive buffer.
- Several coding style fix.
- Use memory from current node, instead of memory close to device
- Add more message in commit, also explain why removing per-device
request buffer.
- Add necessary comment in code to explain why using kzalloc to
allocate struct virtio_crypto_ctrl_request.

The main point of this series is to improve the performance for
virtio crypto:
- Use wait mechanism instead of busy polling for ctrl queue, this
reduces CPU and lock racing, it's possiable to create/destroy session
parallelly, QPS increases from ~40K/s to ~200K/s.
- Enable retry on crypto engine to improve performance for data queue,
this allows the larger depth instead of 1.
- Fix dst data length in akcipher service.
- Other style fix.

lei he (2):
virtio-crypto: adjust dst_len at ops callback
virtio-crypto: enable retry for virtio-crypto-dev

zhenwei pi (3):
virtio-crypto: change code style
virtio-crypto: use private buffer for control request
virtio-crypto: wait ctrl queue instead of busy polling

.../virtio/virtio_crypto_akcipher_algs.c | 83 ++++++-----
drivers/crypto/virtio/virtio_crypto_common.h | 21 ++-
drivers/crypto/virtio/virtio_crypto_core.c | 55 ++++++-
.../virtio/virtio_crypto_skcipher_algs.c | 140 ++++++++----------
4 files changed, 180 insertions(+), 119 deletions(-)


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