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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5] input/i8042: Rework quirk tables

On 3/29/22 16:36, Werner Sembach wrote:
> Revision 5 with some fixes based on feedback by Hans de Goede.
> The 1st patch is minor housekeeping.
> The 2nd patch merges the tables together. Minor fixes in 5th revision and
> no more duplication of ASUS devices
> The 3rd patch add optional debug output to see which quirks get applied. In
> 5th revision this no longer breaks compilation on non x86 platforms.
> The 4th patch adds a list of Clevo devices that need multiple quirks.
> With the reworked table they don't need to be inserted multiple times now,
> which was required in v1 and v2 of this patch.
> I also included the extra quirk for the Clevo NS7xMU, which was a separate
> patch before.
> The added Clevo devices are now only identified by their board name as this
> is the only somewhat reliable string that might not be changed by resellers.

Thanks, the entire series looks good to me:

Reviewed-by: Hans de Goede <>

for the series.




In the future if you get a Reviewed-by to a previous version of a patch
and the patch does not change (or does not change much, e.g. only
small code-style / comment typo tweaks) you can keep that Reviewed-by
for next versions of the patch, just copy it over to your commit
msg and put it directly above your own S-o-b line.

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