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SubjectRe: [PATCH] gpio: use raw spinlock for gpio chip shadowed data
Andy Shevchenko <> writes:

> Changelog:
> v1 -> v2:
> - Reduce the useless stacktrace.
> - Split to series of patches
> Changelog usually goes after cutter ‘--- ‘ line. Besides that you haven’t compiled your tree just after this patch.

Yes, thanks for reminding me, I will fix it by upload another version
of patch if there is no other problems.

> Link:
> Signed-off-by: Schspa Shi <>
> ---
> drivers/gpio/gpio-mmio.c | 22 +++++++++++-----------
> include/linux/gpio/driver.h | 2 +-
> You can’t do it for one driver only. As I told it will require too much of additional churn to make this to be series.

It seems I have misunderstood your "too much of additional churn". Can
you explain it?
The gpio-mmio.c and driver.h here are the basics of other gpio
drivers. In my opinion, these two files
belong to the basic code of gpio, and functions such as bgpio_init are
declared in
include/linux/gpio/driver.h and implemented in
drivers/gpio/gpio-mmio.c. So there is no churn.

Schspa Shi

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