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Subject[paulmck-rcu:fastexp.2022.04.16a] BUILD SUCCESS 209a765cb52bf942f8073d52e6277a99a2b7e3a2
tree/branch: fastexp.2022.04.16a
branch HEAD: 209a765cb52bf942f8073d52e6277a99a2b7e3a2 rcu: Move expedited grace period (GP) work to RT kthread_worker

elapsed time: 720m

configs tested: 120
configs skipped: 4

The following configs have been built successfully.
More configs may be tested in the coming days.

gcc tested configs:
arm64 defconfig
arm64 allyesconfig
arm allmodconfig
arm defconfig
arm allyesconfig
i386 randconfig-c001
mips loongson3_defconfig
sh se7750_defconfig
arm imx_v6_v7_defconfig
sh titan_defconfig
m68k m5272c3_defconfig
mips maltasmvp_defconfig
arm clps711x_defconfig
sh r7785rp_defconfig
m68k stmark2_defconfig
sh polaris_defconfig
mips tb0226_defconfig
arm eseries_pxa_defconfig
arm gemini_defconfig
sh se7712_defconfig
arm imxrt_defconfig
ia64 bigsur_defconfig
arm viper_defconfig
powerpc storcenter_defconfig
powerpc mpc8540_ads_defconfig
sh se7721_defconfig
sh se7724_defconfig
arm randconfig-c002-20220417
x86_64 randconfig-c001
ia64 allmodconfig
ia64 allyesconfig
ia64 defconfig
m68k allyesconfig
m68k defconfig
m68k allmodconfig
nios2 defconfig
arc allyesconfig
alpha defconfig
csky defconfig
nios2 allyesconfig
alpha allyesconfig
arc defconfig
h8300 allyesconfig
sh allmodconfig
xtensa allyesconfig
parisc defconfig
parisc64 defconfig
s390 allmodconfig
parisc allyesconfig
s390 defconfig
s390 allyesconfig
sparc allyesconfig
sparc defconfig
i386 debian-10.3-kselftests
i386 debian-10.3
i386 defconfig
i386 allyesconfig
mips allyesconfig
mips allmodconfig
powerpc allmodconfig
powerpc allnoconfig
powerpc allyesconfig
x86_64 randconfig-a006
i386 randconfig-a001
i386 randconfig-a003
i386 randconfig-a005
x86_64 randconfig-a015
x86_64 randconfig-a013
x86_64 randconfig-a011
i386 randconfig-a012
i386 randconfig-a016
i386 randconfig-a014
x86_64 randconfig-a002
x86_64 randconfig-a004
arc randconfig-r043-20220417
riscv randconfig-r042-20220417
s390 randconfig-r044-20220417
riscv allmodconfig
riscv allnoconfig
riscv allyesconfig
riscv defconfig
riscv nommu_k210_defconfig
riscv nommu_virt_defconfig
riscv rv32_defconfig
x86_64 rhel-8.3-kselftests
um x86_64_defconfig
um i386_defconfig
x86_64 defconfig
x86_64 allyesconfig
x86_64 kexec
x86_64 rhel-8.3-func
x86_64 rhel-8.3
x86_64 rhel-8.3-kunit

clang tested configs:
x86_64 randconfig-c007
powerpc randconfig-c003-20220417
arm randconfig-c002-20220417
i386 randconfig-c001
riscv randconfig-c006-20220417
arm colibri_pxa270_defconfig
riscv nommu_virt_defconfig
powerpc mpc512x_defconfig
arm sama7_defconfig
powerpc bluestone_defconfig
powerpc tqm5200_defconfig
powerpc powernv_defconfig
mips e55_defconfig
powerpc mpc866_ads_defconfig
arm alldefconfig
mips pic32mzda_defconfig
x86_64 randconfig-a005
i386 randconfig-a002
i386 randconfig-a004
i386 randconfig-a006
x86_64 randconfig-a014
x86_64 randconfig-a016
x86_64 randconfig-a012
i386 randconfig-a013
i386 randconfig-a011
i386 randconfig-a015
x86_64 randconfig-a001
x86_64 randconfig-a003
hexagon randconfig-r041-20220417
hexagon randconfig-r045-20220417

0-DAY CI Kernel Test Service

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