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SubjectRe: Documentation/index.rst
Borislav Petkov <> writes:

> So I was thinking that maybe there should be a small set of rules -
> don't want to overload submitters :) - about structure and formatting
> of each documentation section/file/etc so that the final product can be
> more useful and I can actually find something in there. :-)

Totally agreed.

When I took on Documentation/, it was one big pile of random stuff.
Since then, I've been pushing to organize things into various "books"
with some success, so that now we have several smaller piles of random
stuff. I do think it's an improvement, but the job is far from done.

$SOMEBODY really needs to do a pass over the top-level index.rst and
create some better order there, it's been a while. I'll try to get to
that soon (if nobody beats me to it - a likely outcome :), but it won't
be right away.



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