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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/2] cpufreq: unify the show() and store() styles of attr
On 08-03-22, 22:09, Lianjie Zhang wrote:
> From: zhanglianjie <>
> Usually /sys directory under the file, the corresponding Attribute
> contains .show and .store, and their naming style is filename_show() and
> filename_store(). But all naming style in 'cpufreq' is show_filename()
> and store_filename(), resulting in __ATTR_RW() and __ATTR_RO() macros
> cannot be used to simplify code, So need to change naming style.

I haven't received the other patch.

Since you are going to resend anyway, I think you can merge both the patches and
instead of the "Unify" part, just mention that you want to reuse the __ATTR_XX()
macros, and so renaming is being done.


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