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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 0/4] cn10k DDR Performance monitor support
On Fri, 11 Feb 2022 10:23:42 +0530, Bharat Bhushan wrote:
> This patch series adds DDR performance monitor support on Marvell cn10k series of processor.
> First patch adds device tree binding changes.
> Second patch add basic support (without overflow and event ownership). Third and fourth patch adds overflow and event ownership respectively.
> Seems like 4th patch can be merged in second patch, For easy review it is currently separate
> [...]

Applied to will (for-next/perf), thanks!

[1/4] dt-bindings: perf: marvell: cn10k ddr performance monitor
[2/4] perf/marvell: CN10k DDR performance monitor support
[3/4] perf/marvell: cn10k DDR perfmon event overflow handling
[4/4] perf/marvell: cn10k DDR perf event core ownership


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