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SubjectRe: Problem: Bluetooth stops connecting to paired devices after commit 6a98e3836fa207
On Wed, 02 Mar 2022, Eric B Munson wrote:

> Hi,
> When testing the latest upstream this morning, my bluetooth mouse
> stopped working. Further inspection showed that my laptop is failing to
> connect, but I didn't see anything relevant in dmesg, the driver seemed
> to load firmware and intialize fine.
> A bisect turned up commit 6a98e3836fa207 as the first bad one, but
> unfortunately there was another problem discovered during the bisect
> where my bluetooth radio failed to come up at all.
> I am using a 5 year old Lenovo X1 carbon which is using the Intel
> Wireless 8265 / 8275 card and the btintel driver.
> I can easily reproduce, and would be happy to test patches or help
> diagnose if I can. Is this a known issue?
> Regards,
> Eric

This problem remains with the latest 5.17-rc7 kernel. Is there anything
I can offer to help pinpoint what the cause is?

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