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SubjectRe: Linux 5.17-rc7
On Sun, Mar 06, 2022 at 02:41:11PM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> No surprises this week - we still have a couple of pending things, but
> everything looks under control.
> Knock wood.
> Last week saw the usual number of small fixes all over - with btrfs
> standing out once again. But once again it's not like it's a lot of
> changes, it's just that the rest tends to be pretty small.
> "The rest" in this case is mostly networking (drivers but also some
> core fixes), misc other drivers (gpu and input, with some noise
> elsewhere) and arch updates (mostly devicetree and some kvm fixes, but
> also RISC-V and s390).
> Shortlog appended - and as things stand, I expect that final 5.17 will
> be next weekend unless something surprising comes up.
> Please test,

Build results:
total: 155 pass: 153 fail: 2
Failed builds:
Qemu test results:
total: 488 pass: 488 fail: 0

Not sure if it adds value at this point to keep reporting details,
but here they are.

Building powerpc:skiroot_defconfig ... failed
arch/powerpc/kernel/stacktrace.c: In function 'handle_backtrace_ipi':
arch/powerpc/kernel/stacktrace.c:171:9: error: implicit declaration of function 'nmi_cpu_backtrace'

Introduced with commit 1614b2b11fab29 ("arch: Make ARCH_STACKWALK
independent of STACKTRACE"). Discussed at

The patch is available in linux-next. Comments in patchwork suggest
that it will only be pushed during the next merge window.

Building sparc64:allmodconfig ... failed
Error log:
<stdin>:1517:2: warning: #warning syscall clone3 not implemented [-Wcpp]
sparc64-linux-ld: drivers/memory/omap-gpmc.o: in function `gpmc_probe_generic_child':
omap-gpmc.c:(.text.unlikely+0x14c4): undefined reference to `of_platform_device_create'

Introduced by commit 4cd335dae3cf ("mtd: rawnand: omap2: Prevent invalid
configuration and build error").
The patch is available in linux-next.

That, and the persistent terrible shape of linux-next, makes me wonder
if we need some kind of pre-commit and/or pre-push validation system.


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