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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 1/4] usb: host: export symbols for xhci hooks usage
On 04/03/2022 07:23, Daehwan Jung wrote:
> Export symbols for xhci hooks usage:
> xhci_ring_free
> - Allow xhci hook to free xhci_ring.

Instead of copying-pasting the name of function, please explain why do
you need these symbols exported.

The "Why" is actually one of most important questions, because "what is
this patch doing" we can easily see...

> xhci_get_slot_ctx
> - Allow xhci hook to get slot_ctx from the xhci_container_ctx
> for getting the slot_ctx information to know which slot is
> offloading and compare the context in remote subsystem memory
> if needed.

Best regards,

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