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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] cpufreq: mediatek: clean up cpufreq driver
On 07-03-22, 20:21, Tim Chang wrote:
> cleanup of naming, print log and comments.

As told by Krzysztof, this should be broken into several patches. One
patch for each rename, if you really need to do that.

You shouldn't just change "err" to "ret". It is fine if the driver
used "err" at some places and "ret" at others, but otherwise there is
no need of that change.

This should be easier for us to review, we aren't going to dig into
every minute change here, that you don't describe in the message, and
see if something is wrong. Please make this easier for us.

This patch alone may end up in 5-10 different patches.


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