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SubjectRe: mmotm 2022-03-06-20-33 uploaded (x86-android-tablets)

On 3/6/22 20:34, Andrew Morton wrote:
> The mm-of-the-moment snapshot 2022-03-06-20-33 has been uploaded to
> mmotm-readme.txt says
> README for mm-of-the-moment:
> This is a snapshot of my -mm patch queue. Uploaded at random hopefully
> more than once a week.
> You will need quilt to apply these patches to the latest Linus release (5.x
> or 5.x-rcY). The series file is in broken-out.tar.gz and is duplicated in

on x86_64:

ld: drivers/platform/x86/x86-android-tablets.o: in function `lenovo_yoga_tab2_830_1050_power_off':
x86-android-tablets.c:(.text+0x17): undefined reference to `efi'
ld: drivers/platform/x86/x86-android-tablets.o: in function `lenovo_yoga_tab2_830_1050_init':
x86-android-tablets.c:(.init.text+0x6d2): undefined reference to `spi_bus_type'

Full randconfig file is attached.

~Randy[unhandled content-type:application/gzip]
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