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SubjectRe: [RFC 08/10] platform/x86/intel/ifs: Add IFS sysfs interface

On 3/7/2022 12:25 PM, Dan Williams wrote:

> I am speaking of the state of the case where 2 threads are doing
> run_test and polling for results. Unless you can guarantee that run2
> does not start before the results of run1 have been collected then
> they are lost in that scenario. No amount of kernel locking can
> resolve that race to collect previous result which would not be a
> problem in the first place if there was an atomic way to log test
> results.

Yes "status" shows the status of the latest run. You cannot get the status of the previous run.

Also some context on test frequency: Hardware has strict rate limiting of tests.
Every core can be tested only once in every 30 minutes. So it is pointless to test at high frequency.

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