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    SubjectRe: [PATCHv4 0/8] 64-bit data integrity field support
    On Thu, 3 Mar 2022 12:13:04 -0800, Keith Busch wrote:
    > The NVM Express protocol added enhancements to the data integrity field
    > formats beyond the T10 defined protection information. A detailed
    > description of the new formats can be found in the NVMe's NVM Command
    > Set Specification, section 5.2, available at:
    > [...]

    Applied, thanks!

    [1/8] block: support pi with extended metadata
    commit: c340b990d58c856c1636e0c10abb9e4351ad852a
    [2/8] nvme: allow integrity on extended metadata formats
    commit: 84b735429f5fe6f57fc0b3fff3932dce1471e668
    [3/8] asm-generic: introduce be48 unaligned accessors
    commit: c2ea5fcf53d5f21e6aff0de11d55bc202822df6a
    [4/8] linux/kernel: introduce lower_48_bits function
    commit: 7ee8809df990d1de379002973baee1681e8d7dd3
    [5/8] lib: add rocksoft model crc64
    commit: cbc0a40e17da361a2ada8d669413ccfbd2028f2d
    [6/8] crypto: add rocksoft 64b crc guard tag framework
    commit: f3813f4b287e480b1fcd62ca798d8556644b8278
    [7/8] block: add pi for extended integrity
    commit: a7d4383f17e10f338ea757a849f02298790d24fb
    [8/8] nvme: add support for enhanced metadata
    commit: 4020aad85c6785ddac8d51f345ff9e3328ce773a

    Best regards,
    Jens Axboe

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