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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] cpufreq: mediatek: add platform data and clean up voltage tracking logic
On 07/03/2022 13:21, Tim Chang wrote:
> 1. add required header files and remove unnecessary header files.
> 2. some soc needs different min/max voltage shift and voltage tracking
> attributes. make these variables into platform data to support
> future soc.
> 3. add need_voltage_tracking variable to platforma data. if true, it
> indicates soc is required to realize the voltage tracking between
> voltage of sram and voltage of cpu by software approach. otherwise,
> the voltage tracking is realized by hardware approach.
> 4. add opp frequency look-up function as mtk_cpufreq_get() and
> registered in cpufreq framework.
> 5. update voltage_tracking() logic and drv_init(). in drv_init(), it
> always sets highest opp voltage before return. it could prevent from
> high-freqeuncy-low-voltage issue if two or more clients using the
> same regulator.

One change at a time.

> Signed-off-by: Jia-Wei Chang <>

Your SoB does not match from field.

Best regards,

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