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SubjectRe: [Patch v5 2/4] memory: tegra: Add MC error logging on tegra186 onward
On 3/30/22 12:03, Ashish Mhetre wrote:
> On 3/30/2022 5:36 AM, Dmitry Osipenko wrote:
>> External email: Use caution opening links or attachments
>> On 3/16/22 12:25, Ashish Mhetre wrote:
>>> Add new function 'get_int_channel' in tegra_mc_soc struture which is
>>> implemented by tegra SOCs which support multiple MC channels. This
>>> function returns the channel which should be used to get the information
>>> of interrupts.
>>> Remove static from tegra30_mc_handle_irq and use it as interrupt handler
>>> for MC interrupts on tegra186, tegra194 and tegra234 to log the errors.
>>> Add error specific MC status and address register bits and use them on
>>> tegra186, tegra194 and tegra234.
>>> Add error logging for generalized carveout interrupt on tegra186,
>>> tegra194
>>> and tegra234.
>>> Add error logging for route sanity interrupt on tegra194 an tegra234.
>>> Add register for higher bits of error address which is available on
>>> tegra194 and tegra234.
>>> Add a boolean variable 'has_addr_hi_reg' in tegra_mc_soc struture which
>>> will be true if soc has register for higher bits of memory controller
>>> error address. Set it true for tegra194 and tegra234.
>>> Signed-off-by: Ashish Mhetre <>
>>> Reported-by: kernel test robot <>
>>> Reported-by: Dan Carpenter <>
>> Reported what? You should add this tag only if patch addresses reported
>> problem. This patch doesn't address anything, hence the tag is
>> inappropriate, you should remove it.
> Okay, smatch warning was reported on v4 of this patch which is fixed in
> v5. Then I understand that we don't need to add Reported-by if we fix
> bug in subsequent versions, right?

Right, if the report was made to the in-progress patch, then you
shouldn't add the tag.

If report was made to the patch that was already merged, then you should
create a new patch that fixes the reported problem and add the
reported-by to this patch.

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