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SubjectRe: [PATCH] HID: multitouch: fix Dell Precision 7550 and 7750 button type
thx for working on this

On 20.03.22 20:06, José Expósito wrote:
> The touchpad present in the Dell Precision 7550 and 7750 laptops
> the device is not a clickpad, it is a touchpad with physical buttons.
> In order to fix this issue, a quirk for the device was introduced in
> libinput [1] [2] to disable the INPUT_PROP_BUTTONPAD property:
> [Precision 7x50 Touchpad]
> MatchBus=i2c
> MatchUdevType=touchpad
> MatchDMIModalias=dmi:*svnDellInc.:pnPrecision7?50*
> However, because of the change introduced in 37ef4c19b4 ("Input: clear
> BTN_RIGHT/MIDDLE on buttonpads") the BTN_RIGHT key bit is not mapped
> anymore breaking the device right click button.
> In order to fix the issue, create a quirk for the device forcing its
> button type to touchpad regardless of the value reported by the
> firmware.
> [1]
> [2]

Nitpicking: those should be "Link" tags, as explained in
'Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst' and
'Documentation/process/5.Posting.rst'? Never tried, but if you want to
make them footnote-style this should work according to the docs:

Link: [1]
Link: [2]

In anyone wonders why I care: there are internal and publicly used tools
and scripts out there that reply on proper "Link" tags. I don't known
how many, but there is at least one public tool I'm running that cares:
regzbot, my regression tracking bot, which I use to track Linux kernel
regressions and generate the regression reports sent to Linus. Proper
"Link:" tags allow the bot to automatically connect regression reports
with fixes being posted or applied to resolve the particular regression
-- which makes regression tracking a whole lot easier and feasible for
the Linux kernel. That's why it's a great help for me if people set
proper "Link" tags.

While at it, let me tell regzbot about this thread:
#regzbot ^backmonitor:

> Fixes: 37ef4c19b4 ("Input: clear BTN_RIGHT/MIDDLE on buttonpads")
> Signed-off-by: José Expósito <>
> [...]

Ciao, Thorsten

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