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SubjectRe: [RFC RFT PATCH 0/4] ARM: OMAP1: clock: Convert to CCF
On Sat, Mar 12, 2022 at 9:14 AM Tony Lindgren <> wrote:
> * Janusz Krzysztofik <> [220310 23:32]:
> > The main motivation behind this series is planned resurection of OMAP1
> > camera driver. Since OMAP1 clock internals have never been visible to
> > drivers, that driver used to use v4l2-clk to expose a pixel clock for a
> > sensor. The v4l2-clk code has been recently depreciated and removed from
> > the media subtree, hence the need for an alternative solution.
> Nice :) This will also help Arnd with building multi-v5 kernels.

Thanks for looping me in, I missed the thread originally but now
got the replies.

As OMAP1 is the last user of HAVE_LEGACY_CLK on Arm, converting
it would be particularly nice, and it allows me to dig out my omap1
multiplatform patches, which does get us closer to endgame.

The only other ARM9 platforms that are not multiplatform yet are
ep93xx (which can probably be done now as well after its
clk conversion) and s3c24xx (which is scheduled for removal next

When those are out of the way, we only have StrongARM (rpc,
sa1100, footbridge) and XScale (pxa, ixp, iop) remaining.


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