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SubjectRe: [PATCH] dt-bindings: mmc: xenon: Convert to JSON schema
(adding some ARM people, resending hopefully without the html)

On 19/03/22 03:20, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
>> + - const: marvell,sdhci-xenon
> This did not exist before. Separate patches please for additions (with
> explanation why). Maybe some DTS lists this, but then it should be
> individually judged whether the DTS is correct.
On this specifically. I was all ready to add an additional patch to
document this but then I noticed nothing actually uses the
"marvell,sdhci-xenon" compatible and it appears nothing ever did. I then
figured I'd delete the unused compatible string from armada-37xx.dtsi
but then I remembered that sometimes we add compatible strings to have
them "just in case" we need them for some SoC specific workaround.

So there's a few things I can do

0. Nothing (easy) although the binding I just submitted will complain
about the unexpected value
1. Document "marvell,sdhci-xenon" as a valid compatible
1.a. Add "marvell,sdhci-xenon" to the sdhci-xenon.c driver
2. Remove "marvell,sdhci-xenon" from armada-37xx.dtsi
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