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SubjectRe: [patch] console_codes.4: ffix
Hi, nick, and Branden!

On 3/20/22 17:02, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> Alex has been waiting on me for a review of this patch. I took longer
> than I should have because I thought he was expecting a technical
> evaluation of the accuracy of the sequences documented.[1] Now I see it
> was just a matter of man(7) and tbl(1) syntactical and style review.

No, you were originally right. I did mean both, but especially
"a technical evaluation of the accuracy of the sequences documented".
You did it anyway, so thanks! :)

> Easy bits first.
>> Remove CSI prefix from the list of non-CSI escapes.
> +1
>> End all items of said list with periods, matching other sections of
>> the page.
> +1
>> Fix up the busted OSC command list (reset palette and set palette).
>> ESC ] OSC T{
>> -(Should be: Operating system command)
>> -ESC ] P \fInrrggbb\fP: set palette, with parameter
>> -given in 7 hexadecimal digits after the final P :-(.
>> -Here \fIn\fP is the color (0\(en15), and \fIrrggbb\fP indicates
>> +Operating System Command prefix.
>> +T}
>> +ESC ] R Reset palette.
>> +ESC ] P T{
>> +Set palette, with parameter given in 7 hexadecimal digits \fInrrggbb\fP after
>> +the final P. Here \fIn\fP is the color (0\(en15), and \fIrrggbb\fP indicates
>> the red/green/blue values (0\(en255).
>> -ESC ] R: reset palette
>> T}
> Yes, this was majorly hosed up, syntactically. What you have is good
> repair to obvious damage. +1.
> I have some suggestions for further improvement, but please don't gate
> the patch application on these.

Okay, thanks!

nick, can you please resend the patch? I've lost the original email.



Alejandro Colomar
Linux man-pages comaintainer;

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