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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/2] wcn36xx: Implement tx_rate reporting
On 18/03/2022 19:58, Edmond Gagnon wrote:
> + INIT_DELAYED_WORK(&wcn->get_stats_work, wcn36xx_get_stats_work);

Instead of forking a worker and polling we could add the relevant SMD
command to

static int wcn36xx_smd_tx_compl_ind(struct wcn36xx *wcn, void *buf,
size_t len)
wcn36xx_smd_get_stats(wcn, 0xSomeMask);

That way we only ever ask for and report a new TX data rate when we know
a TX event - and hence a potential TX data-rate update - has taken place.


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