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SubjectRe: [PATCH] media: stkwebcam: move stk_camera_read_reg() scratch buffer to struct stk_camera
Hi Tom,

On 3/13/22 02:48, Tom Rix wrote:
> These do show up in my usual static analysis and it why I was looking at
> this file.
> And was sidetracked by the short malloc.
> Unfortunately I looked and there are many other similar instances
> treewide ~100

Most of them are in very old drivers and I don't think they ever be
fixed. I've looked into one bug reported by syzkaller and there was like
30 calls w/o proper error handling in one driver. Redoing whole driver
logic without access to hw seems dangerous :))

> These aren't caught in checkpatch, so working on that..

I think, it's not checkpath responsibility. Maybe it worth adding such
check to smatch. I tried to implement such checker, but never finished it :(

With regards,
Pavel Skripkin

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